Recording at Living music studios

some of our gear

Some of our work

  • Is It You3:25
  • Falling Away4:19
  • I'm Just Fine3:42
  • Rumba2:43

Living Music Studios offers recording and music production services, including session playing, and electronic production.  

The base studio rate is $40/hr, but we are happy to discuss project rates to help you get the best value.

Take a peek and have a listen!


MXL Genesis tube condenser

Roland DR80 condensers (pair)

Fostex pencil condensers (matched pair)

Shure Beta52

Shure SM58 (x5)


Yamaha HS80

Samson Resolv8

Yamaha MSP5

Mic Preamps

Focusrite 18i20

Universal Audio 6176


Roland Jazz Chorus 120

Fender Twin Reverb

Marshall Super Lead 100 head

Peavey 5150 head

Marshall 1960 4x12 cabinet

Hartke bass amplifier


Casio Privia 88-key electric piano

Korg X-50 synthesizer

Drums & Percussion

Yahama Stage Custom 5 piece

Assorted Zildjian and Sabian cymbals

Roland V-Drums

Roland Octapad



Assorted hand percussion

  • Best of Me3:32
  • Black and White4:04

  • Don't Believe In Love3:18
  • 202 Washington DC3:25
  • Attack Of The Treadmill2:40
  • Black Beast2:46
  • I'm In Love3:50
  • Love Live Get High3:29

  • It's My Life4:39
  • Higher Love3:38
  • Let's Go Crazy3:19
  • Straight Up4:26
  • Thriller3:48
  • Summer Love3:13
  • Hysteria4:42
  • Whatever You Like4:10
  • Radio4:05

  • Tiger Punch3:06
  • Spark It Up3:46
  • News to Me3:25
  • Needed to Miss You4:12
  • Move Your Skin2:41
  • Spin the Globe3:29
  • Indoor Sunshine2:48
  • Afterglow4:45